Viruses can cause all sort of problems to your computers. It can be a treat to your personal information, online safety and lead to lose of your banking details and passwords. You should have your computer scanned regularly and have viruses removed immediately if found.

The internet is an unpredictable place where dangers to your computer can lurk in files your download from internet, websites and even link or file attachment in emails. Virus is only one of the many dangers present on the internet; there are also spyware, adware, malware and ransomwares. These viruses can infect your computer without your notice, slowing your internet connection, crashing your system, and stealing your personal information / banking details and lead to financial loses.

The sooner the viruses and spyware are removed from your computer, the greater the likelihood you will avoid permanent damage to your digital files or even data loss. We are the specialists in virus & spyware removal and we will be completely removed using specialist tools and software.

Once your computer is clean and free from viruses, we will check your computer’s operating system and thoroughly tested to guarantee proper functionality. An infected computer may cause damage to your operating system and stop it from download and install critical operating system updates. We will test operating system for proper functionality and update your computer system to the latest available.

Prevention is import in the fight with viruses. It is most likely that your computer caught its virus online, from links in an email or email attachment. The best safeguard against this in the future is to install and / or update internet security software. We will check, update your existing antivirus software, recommend the suitable security software to ensure you are protected.


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